Emerald Lotus by Rajiv Popley

Emerald Lotus by Rajiv Popley
Ring | Pendant
Item Barcode: PT2667

The Emerald Lotus by Rajiv Popley focuses on Surrealism Reinvented as part of his Meditative Series. It is part of a larger series that is Art Inspired Jewellery.

This particular piece comprises of the finest quality Rose Cut Diamonds, Platinum, Gold, Brilliant Cut Diamonds and Zambian Emeralds. It is a gold lotus in repousse encompassed in meditative peace, with glossy emeralds & diamonds crafted in rose gold & platinum, that has been inspired by his artwork “Ssshh…..let HIM speak”.

You can see the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TChzxxiVFjM
Ssshh…..let HIM speak by Rajiv Popley
Oil on Canvas

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