Minimalism is believing there is such a thing as enough

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I’m a minimalist, I like saying the most with the least – Bob Newhart

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Minimalism has always been that style that makes you look very chic and also makes you feel comfortable. It’s about using those beautiful pieces to embark a sense of style that looks wonderful just in itself. One could never go wrong with minimalistic Jewellery.

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Minimalism is not a style, it is an additude, a way of being. A fundamental reaction against noise, visual noise, disorder, vulgarity. Minimalism is a pursuit of the essence of things not the appearance – Massimo Vingelli

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A few jewellery pieces could be: – a necklace for every occasion, a simple pair of earrings, a delicate bracelet and a subtle ring all of it adds this beautiful accent to your daily style without complicating it. Minimal jewellery easily becomes your go to choice because it stands the test of time and it never goes out of style.

Any individual who is a big admirer of minimalism should definitely include minimalism in the form of jewellery in order to make a statement with the outfit.It adds the extra detailing and finishing touch to your final outfit, whether you prefer gold or silver, geometric shapes with intricate designs, or just a simple design in jewellery. The benefit of keeping things simple yet very elegant is that you could add some extra layers of it in order to give yourself a dramatic statement look or you could keep your look minimal by wearing it alone. 

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Minimalism is believing there is such a thing as enough

In fact, this is the best part of simplicity that it looks ethereal on its own without having to make a lot of effort, add some beautiful dainty pieces, and you’re good to go. Jewellery contributes a lot to your outfit and brings that dimension which adds personality to your outfit, minimalism in jewellery is the best choice, and you can never go wrong.

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Narrative by Harshita Mankad | Edit by Rhea Nasta

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