These gems have life in them: their colours speak, say what words fail to say

Always the festival of colours in jewellery

A gemstone is a part of a mineral crystal which is cut and polished to be utilised in jewellery and embellishments. Stones used for jewellery have a symbolic meaning. It centres on the idea of endurance, stability and stands as a reminder to always remain grounded and connected to Earth. Stones are versatile, strong and hold their own benefits to soothe our lives and emotions. Every jeweller identifies a stone based on the 4C’s. That is colour, clarity, cut and the carat weight. Out of these, colour is considered to be the most momentous characteristic. It adds the main appeal to the piece and is also regarded as an important critical criterion as the colour of the stone also widely represents in rarity and purity.

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Gems with colour have immensely gained popularity over time as contrast methods are in trend along with displaying different and vibrant hues. Wearing a gem with colour will naturally draw attention towards itself. Coloured stones are a visual pleasure and showcase true artistry.

We at Popley believe that colour has the ability to completely transform and evolve any piece of jewellery that satisfies not only the wearer, but even the gazer. Hence, we have exhibited a beautiful assortment of coloured stones ranging from earrings to pendants as well as rings in our ‘Colours Of Joy’ collection. Midnight blue, bottle green, magenta pink, ruby red and deep blue shades are a part of this exquisite set. Available in white gold as well as yellow gold, with cuts in diamonds in your choice of jewellery. 

Every colour speaks out loud to its individuality and its valuables. We often experience certain psychological reactions when exposed to certain colours. Blue is the colour of water, the sky and healing. Blue stones promote spiritual awakening, serenity and tranquility. Is it said to surround you with calm, soothing energies to relieve stress. Green stones represent the colour of nature and bring harmony to the wearer. It is used to attract wealth, prosperity and are known as balancing stones that also promote growth. Red stones are long associated with passion, warmth as well as vitality. This shade encourages good fortune and luck. Pink shade in stones have recently come into popularity and sure make a statement. They relate to love and the heart chakra, nurtures growth as well affection in relationships. This shade blesses its wearer with emotional healing, attracting love and feeling connected.

Coloured stones never require a season. They’re all year long adding that pop of colour to compliment you whether it is in contrast or parallel. 

Narrative by Shloka Dhruva | Edit by Rhea Nasta

These gems have life in them: their colours speak, say what words fail to say – George Eliot

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