Why should girls have all the fun?

Why should girls have all the fun ?

It is said diamonds are a girl’s best friend but jewellery is as much a man’s prerogative as it is for a woman. In the modern era, men carry their energy, attitude and charm with pendants, bracelets and several other jewellery options. There are myriads of designs to choose bracelets, watches, pendants, broaches as well as solitaire studs. 

Jewellery designing is commonly attributed to women. But at Popley the scope of jewellery for men is nonetheless significant. Men’s jewellery can be a tricky subject. While women can pull off a whole range of adornments from bling to baubles, not all men feel comfortable donning more than one piece of jewellery and one of the most common pieces seen on men is the engagement ring. But nowadays men are adorning themselves with statement pieces of jewellery. Designer Cufflinks and brooches are also gaining a lot of popularity these days.  These pieces of jewellery and watches  can add a lot of charisma to a man’s personality.

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Women’s pieces may feature floral, delicate or filigree designs whereas, men tend to opt for straighter lines, tribal designs and geometric styles which fit perfectly and make a strong impression. Even the cut of the gemstones can be sleeker and geometric. Eternity or half-eternity style bands & solitaire rings are more popular designs. Our store possesses a huge assortment of collections ranging from rings to bracelets for you to select from. At Popley & Sons, we have in house designers who are experts as well as trained professionals in designing jewellery not only for the modern women but also for men. All in all at Popley there is everything that a customer dreams for.

Narrative by Vridhi Desai

Edit by Rhea Nasta

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