The Emerald Honey Bee Ring convertible into Pendant Platinum

Surrealism in art has been depicted in this ornament..inspired by Salvador Dali
The emerald honeybee flits in & out of the pink honeycomb foraging ruby flowers for nectar & pollen. This exquisite pendant cum ring is accented by the trillion rose cut diamond & pave set melee in platinum.

Platinum | Rose Gold | Rose Cut Diamond | Brilliant Cut Diamonds | Rubies | Zambian Emerald

Designed & Signed by Rajiv Popley

For inquiries Product Code: PT2670

All above creations of Art & Jewellery both our intellectual properties of Rajiv Popley. Any use, reproduction, imitation or copy of the above images of art or jewellery will be considered a breach of copyright, which is prosecutable under law.

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