Pearls: Gift of the Sea

When one thinks of pearls, the term “timeless beauty” comes to mind. Pearls are one of nature’s most precious gifts, widely regarded as a sign of riches and perfection all over the world. It is adored by people of all ages, and it is no longer just for your grandmother to wear!

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Natural processes produce these priceless gems. Their luster is unparalleled, from pearly whites to the seductive allure of the black pearl.  Did you know that South Sea  pearls are very rare and unique? They  are also larger than the average pearl stones and distinctly white or silver. They are the most valuable pearl in the market. Whereas the Tahitian pearls are often referred to as black, but have a remarkable color range that covers the spectrum – from light, creamy white and grey, to regal greens, iridescent peacock and deep black.

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While white pearls are the quintessential and traditional pearl colour, coloured pearls will brighten up your jewellery collection and add a new and unconventional look. Pearls, whether saltwater or freshwater, come in a variety of colours. The most common colour for pearls is white, cream or grey.  Whereas,  pink pearls are among the rarest colours of natural pearls. Another rare and very precious type of pearl is the Golden South Sea Pearl.

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They’re so timeless and modern. It’s still continues to be a classic hit. Pearls are one-of-a-kind, creative, and traditional all at the same time. Their versatility is undeniable. It’s the gem stone that goes with almost everything. For a look that’s off the beaten path, try adding colored pearls to your collection, such as Tahitian or Golden South Sea pearls. These really jazz up your look, are eye-catching and unique.

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Pearls have become very popular in the recent seasons. So, before you buy a new accessory, double-check that it has plenty of pearls! Pearls will continue to be popular, despite the fact that They Are more widely known than ever..

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With a beautiful string of pearls in a range of shapes and sizes, dare to be different.

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Narrative by Harshita Mankad

Edit by Rhea Nasta

Pearls always have a mystery & beyond the mystery here are some interesting facts

Pearls are the Only Gemstone to Come from a Living Creature

Despite being classified as a gemstone, pearls differ significantly from all others (including sapphires, rubies, emeralds, etc.) due to the fact that they are the only gems to come from a living creature. All other gemstones form in the Earth’s crust as magma cools under high pressure.

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Natural Pearls are One of the World’s Rarest Jewels

Here is a statistic worth considering: less than 1 in every 10,000 wild oysters contain pearls. As the popularity of these gems continued to grow in the early part of the 20th century, the population of occurring oyster beds in the ocean’s waters became severely depleted from overfishing. Despite the rise of cultured pearls, the population of wild oysters still hasn’t completely recovered. Given that, it’s understandable why people consider natural pearls one of the rarest jewels on the planet.

Some of the World’s Most Influential Women were Huge Fans of Pearls

We’ve already discussed how both Queen Mary and Cleopatra were pearl admirers. However, that is also the case with some of the most influential women in more recent history. First Ladies including Michelle Obama and Jackie Kennedy both regularly adorned themselves with lavish pearl jewellery while their husbands were in office. In England, Princess Diana was known to have been a huge fan of pearls. Finally, Coco Chanel was a pioneer of fashion and contributed towards making pearls popular as everyday jewelry.

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