Flat over Heels

Elegance is in the comfort of the shoes that carry the feet wearing it. It may be the high stilettos or block heels or the traditional flats that make you comfortable. Women today are very conscious of the styles not only for the clothes they wear but also for the shoes they wear.

Though stilettos look very elegant and accentuate your calves these can cause blisters and also cause swelling of the feet. A New York-based podiatrist Hillary Brenner says that wearing shoes is like dieting. She says when we diet we count calories and when we wear shoes we count the hours.

Today’s brides are also opting for either flats or block heels for their weddings as the time spent standing can be very painful in high heels. Brides of  Hollywood have gone a step ahead and worn beautiful pumps to keep them comfortable on their big day without having to be conscious and moreover uncomfortable.

Many women say that opting for flats over heels is the best choice as they look elegant while being easy on the feet and one can spend hours wearing it without any pain or blisters to deal with later on. Block heels can also be another option and may be better than stilettos but many podiatrists still say that this option may be better but not the best as a heel is a heel and will always be overbearing on the ankles. The strappy types may be helpful but not the perfect solution.

Lastly, if one is very much in love with her heels then the best solution is that to carry one’s shoes and wear them just before entering a party or any other function. If you were to believe us, we would always recommend flats as the healthier and safer option.

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