Colours of the Modern Indian Bride

Colours have always held a significant place in Indian tradition, each hue symbolizing a deep-rooted connotation in mystic and mythology. Red- the platitude of every Indian wedding, has been resonated as a symbol of love, longevity, and desire that it almost qualifies as a stereotype in today’s day and age.  An idea towed so far along that the cliché’ is now almost passé.

The modern bride has broken free of every stereotype that has ever existed and ventured into the arena of unusual hues taking each wedding a notch higher with their creativity in their combinations.

Occasionally opting for lighter colors, the likes of lavender, peaches and powder pinks have been the noted as the most recent favorite among celebs and high profile socialites. Bridal lehengas in intoxicating shades of aquamarine blue, mint green, amethyst and pearly whites have taken the paparazzi by storm, with each outfit outdoing the other, setting bridal goals for all the new brides to be out there. This sudden change from the customary shades of red and pink have raised quite a few eyebrows out there, but we sure call it a sight for sore eyes!

Surprisingly, that’s not it; deeper shades of indigo, marsala, bottle green and tangerines stand out to light up a wedding, as do shimmering shining shades of gold and silver. Brides have come out of their comfort zone to find themselves colors that are bright, unusual and quirky, but most importantly those that match an individual’s taste and their personality.

Incorporating fashion with tradition is every modern bride’s go to, not only have they stepped out of an idea that we have always been familiar with, but brought out their own individual style paired perfectly with enchanting accessories to mesmerize audiences. We love what we see, the question is…do you?

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