Founded in 1927 by Kewalram Ghanshamdas Popley, the Popley Group has been the Ambassador of luxury lifestyle in India & the Middle East for over 90 years. Now with several stores in Dubai & Mumbai.

Company Overview
Founded in 1927 by Kewalram Ghanshamdas Popley, the Popley Group has been the Ambassador of luxury lifestyle in India & the Middle East for over 90 years. Maintaining its heritage of a family owned operation, the Group has none the less evolved in to one of the leading forces in the luxury business. Today, with a portfolio of several luxury brands, a presence across nations, the Popley Group represents some of the finest international brands & Jewellery in the region.

The Popley Group specializes in the retail, distribution and marketing of Fine Jewellery & Luxury Brands within the sectors of Watches, Accessories, Luxury Communications, Writing Instruments and Gifts. Trusted relationships with prestigious houses such as Swatch Group, LVMH, DTC, WGC & Platinum Guild to name only a few, illustrate the portfolio brands represented by the Group.

Best Platinum Jewellery – Retail Jeweller India Awards 2012
Accredited with ISO 9001:2004 & ISO 14001:2008 Dubai
Most Affordable Bullion Brand – DNA News Report
Winner – Best Store Overall Experience from Platinum Guild International
Diamond Season Award Winning Store by De Beers Marketing Group for Customer Service Quality & Merchandising
Bareeq Award from Dubai Municipality for Customer Service & Quality Control

Fine Jewellery, Watches & Accessory For more details log on to

At Popleys we not only offer jobs but reward our employees with incentives and rewards from time to time.Popleys prides itself in offering you so much more than just a career by supporting you not just in work, but in your daily lifestyle as well. Popleys is a place which gives you a voice for change and will listen to your opinion, your views and continually seeks the satisfaction of employees across the store.We will reward and recognise your every effort, your passion and your determination to succeed, and will be generous in offering you benefits not just through employee discount, but in a form to suit many of your personal needs.

At Popleys you are not just starting a job, but a career with learning Opportunities to help you to progress within the company.At Popleys we just don’t see you as someone filling the role,but an Investment for the future which means whatever jobs you are in your manager will always encourage you to take advantage of the many available development opportunities.Whether you’re a young individual leaving school, full of potential; a recent graduate; or an internal employee looking to take a step up to the next level, Popleys is committed to providing employees with the essential ingredients to become the next senior figures within the company.

Based on the guiding philosophy of being “Vision & Version of Years Ahead”, the Popley Group aims to recruit and retain highly qualified professionals with a passion for luxury and an entrepreneurial spirit. In addition to various skill sets, an innovative flare, unmatched drive and a flexible approach in the work environment are the inherent qualities valued by the Popley Group.

If you are looking for an exciting and challenging opportunity with a rapidly expanding company, that fosters a sense of pride and belonging, then consider joining the Popley Group.

Popley strongly believes in

Multi-Community diversification in Human Capital development. Its corporate policy is fair growth to all candidates irrespective of cast or community.

Non bias in growth & opportunity to both Sexes.

Academic Growth

Based on the strong corporate belief that the future of the Group lies in the development of its human capital, the Popley Group places paramount value on its talented pool of highly skilled and dedicated professionals.

As a member of the Popley Group you will experience:

  1. Exposure to the finest brands and diverse markets


  1. An inclusive workplace with a diversity multi-community professionals


  1. A professional, positive and supportive work environment


  1. Access to the Wealth of knowledge of the company through its research & development.


  1. Preferential Access to Its Research & Development Institute – Rhea Studio for academic growth of the employee in the industry.


  1. Opportunities for professional growth through:


– Nurturing and developing managerial   competencies internally

– Opportunities for functional and geographical   mobility

– Access to training, seminars and workshops


Established partnerships with leading educational institutions & corporate houses such as:


– LVMH Watches & Jewellery

– Swatch Group

– International Gemological Institute (IGI) Antwerp

– Platinum Guild International (UK)

– World Gold Council

– Diamond Trading Company

– And many more

The Popley Research & Development Centre established in 1998, is the first of its kind in the region with the aim of inspiring “Excellence in Jewellery Industry” to its team of Retail Ambassadors. In collaboration with various International Institutes and headed by Rhea Nasta, it delivers an internationally accredited certification in all aspects of the Jewellery Industry.


Offering an international standard of learning and development, the Academy proposes a complete career path to all industry professionals, by building on their strengths, offering them an opportunity to develop their skills whilst improving their prospects for internal growth.

A preferential access is offered to Popley Team members.

Careers as unique and exciting as the products we sell. Futures that offer the same long-lasting quality.


Whether you want to style generations of luxury shoppers in some of the most invigorating store environments in the world, or you’ve set your sights on driving the business forward from one of our dynamic head offices, big responsibilities and incredible opportunities await.

If you’re ready to start your Popleys adventure, take a look at what you can expect from our selection process, read our application tips and then search for a vacancy.

A brand built on individuality & heritage. A selection process that lets your personality and skills shine through.


Your strengths. Your aspirations. Your personality. Our selection process has been created with you in mind. We want you to be able to express

your talents, tell us who you are and show us why you should be part of our brand.


The process can vary depending on whether you’re looking to join us in store or at our head offices. Similarly, it may also vary from role to role.

But wherever you want to join us, if your initial online application is successful, we’ll make sure you know exactly what to expect next.


Store Selection Process


Stage One: Telephone Interview If we like what we’ve read in your application, our Resourcing Team will arrange to have a telephone interview with you. You can expect this to happen within 10 days of making your application. As well as exploring your CV in more detail, we’ll make sure you know exactly what to expect from the role.


Stage Two: Face-to-face Interview/Recruitment Event Impress us enough on the phone and within 10 days you’ll be invited for a face-to-face interview at your local store. Conducted by a member of the Store Management team, we’ll be looking to find out more about your work experience, what makes you suitable for the role and why you want to join Popleys. It will also form part of a three-hour recruitment event where you’ll take part in practical exercises determined to establish whether you have the skills and competencies you need for the role.


Stage Three: Second Interview The interview and recruitment event usually gives us enough information on which to make a decision, but for some roles we may ask you back for a final interview. This should happen within a few days. If we do, you can be sure of one thing. We are seriously considering you for the position. So make sure you come in and impress us one final time.


Stage Four: The Offer We aim to get back to you as soon as possible. Usually within 10 days. If you’ve been successful we’ll get in contact to make you the offer, answer any questions you may have and agree your start date. After that, we’ll look forward to welcoming you on your first day.

Feedback If you‘d like feedback on your performance at either the interview or recruitment event, we’ll be very happy to provide it to you. All you’ve got to do is ask.

There’s no one way to impress us. But the best way is through preparation. Know our brand and we’ll want to get to know you.

We want you to get it right on the day. Just as much as you do. So here are a few tips that will help you prepare for the selection process. Again preparation is key. Make sure you have done your research on Popleys and you know the ins and outs of the role you’ve applied for.

  • Think back to your telephone interview. Could you have used a better example to show your strengths? Were there areas of your experience you

thought were relevant but didn’t mention? This is a chance to make sure we know about them.

  • Popleys is always looking to the future. We want to know you’re progressive too. So let us know about your career aspirations, what you want

to do, and what you have done in the past to further your career.

  • If you attend a Recruitment Event, you will take part in a group exercise. They’re a great way for us to see whether you can fit into our culture

of teamwork. Some people try and take control, while others are more inclined to follow. Think about the competencies we’re looking for, and

show your skills to the best of your ability.

  • Keep calm and be yourself. We’ll employ you for your personality and individuality as much as your experience.

One last thing. Good luck!


  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Receptionist
  • Maintenance & Housekeeping
  • Security


  • Accountant
  • Audit

Marketing & Communications

  • Advertising & Social Media


  • QC
  • Buyer
  • Labeller


  • Cashier
  • Corporate Sales
  • Customer Care
  • Counter
  • Tele


At Popleys, everything’s about quality. So make sure your application is too. We want to know why you’re perfect for the role and why we should invite you for an interview. Tailor your application to do exactly that. Our attention to detail brings out the very best in our products and it’s a skill our people use every day. Show us you’ve got it too by checking your spelling and grammar.


For Store-based roles we also encourage candidates to apply online. If you have problems with your application we may be able to take your application over the phone by calling our Perks team on +91-22-66710000

Q:Who can I contact if I have a problem or question about my application?

If you are applying for a store-based role you can contact our Perks team either by email at [email protected] or by calling us on +91-22-66710000

If you have any general queries relating to Head Office vacancies please email us at [email protected]

Q:If I have problems with my online application can I apply in another way?

For Store-based roles we also encourage candidates to apply online. If you have problems with your application we may be able to take your application over the phone by calling our Perks team on +91-22-66710000

Q:Can I apply for more than one job?

Yes you can. However please think about the most appropriate role that matches your skills and experience. Only apply for suitable roles.

Q:Will I be notified on receipt of my application?

Yes, you will receive a confirmation email that we have received your application.

Q:Can I apply if I don’t have a work permit?

No, unfortunately we are unable to accept applications from candidates who do not have a valid work permit or visa.

Q:What can I expect from an interview?

The interview process depends on the job role that you have applied for. The process is likely to involve an initial telephone interview and then a face-to-face interview at the next stage. Some of our roles involve a second interview stage, practical exercises or attending an assessment centre. The interview process will be discussed with you in advance if you are progressing to this stage.

Q:How should I prepare for my interview?

If you are shortlisted for an interview it’s important that you prepare fully in order to give the best impression possible. The following suggestions can be used as a guide: Read the job description so that you fully understand the role that you are applying for. Think about your work experience and examples of how your experience is relevant to the role. Do your research about Popleys by visiting our website, visiting your local store and talking to any current employees. And remember to bring along your passport or birth certificate as evidence of your eligibility to work in the UK.

Q:Will I get feedback after my interview?

We will inform you of the outcome of your interview or assessment centre within ten days. We also give all applicants the option to request specific feedback on their performance at the interview. Working for Popleys PLC

Q:Will I have to wear a uniform?

For Store-based roles you may be required to wear a uniform. This will depend on your job role. If required, Popleys will provide you with an appropriate uniform to ensure that you can project a professional image of the company and also enable customers to easily identify that you work for Popleys. In Head Office the dress code is business wear.

Q:What training will I receive if I join Popleys?

Your training will depend on the role that you apply for. Usually it will combine a hands on approach with technical classroom-based training sessions. Whatever your role you will always be given a thorough training as part of your induction.



Q:Where is your Administrative Office based?

We have two main Head Office locations. We have an office in Central London next to Regents Park and a short walk from Oxford Street. Our Buying, Merchandising, Design and Quality Assurance functions are based here along with most of the Support functions of our business We also have a smaller Head Office location in Taunton, Somerset. Our Information Systems, HR Service Centre, Retail Resourcing, Finance and Print teams are based here.

Q:I’ve heard that there is a new store opening close to my home, how can I apply for a role here?

All applications for new stores are online and will be advertised on our website. We usually advertise in the local press when we are starting our recruitment campaign. This is usually about five months prior to the Store opening.

Q:I know that Popleys has a number of overseas Stores; do you have any vacancies overseas?

We have many International Stores around the world. Local franchise partners operate these Stores. They recruit in their local market and their staff are employed by them, not Popleys.

We do have an International Division in Head Office that liaises closely with our franchise partners. Many of these roles involve international travel. Any vacancies in this team will be advertised under Head Office opportunities.

Season Recruiting

Q:When do you begin recruiting for Season staff in your stores?

We start recruiting for our Season staff from July onwards. Most of our temporary Christmas opportunities are filled by the beginning of September each year.

Work experience and Business placements

Q:Do you offer work experience in your Head Office or Stores?

If you are looking to gain retail experience whilst studying we offer the following opportunities:

In Head Office we have a business placement programme each year that is open to university students who wish to work during the 3rd year of their degree course. We offer up to 45 placements a year in Head Office across Buying, Merchandising.