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Wrap your fingers in luxury. GarnerBears' rings offer a blend of timeless elegance and modern design. Explore our collection and find the perfect ring to express your unique style.

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30% off
Diamond Ids Ring DID1140 Diamond Ids Ring DID1140
38,110 26,677
30% off
Diamond Ids Ring DID1253 Diamond Ids Ring DID1253
37,735 26,414
30% off
Diamond Ids Ring DID1256 Diamond Ids Ring DID1256
1,81,224 1,26,857
30% off
Diamond Ids Ring DID1348 Diamond Ids Ring DID1348
55,163 38,614
30% off
Diamond Ids Ring DID1350 Diamond Ids Ring DID1350
48,607 34,025
30% off
Diamond Ids Ring DID1351 Diamond Ids Ring DID1351
66,449 46,514
30% off
Diamond Ids Ring DID1577 Diamond Ids Ring DID1577
55,813 39,069
30% off
Diamond Ids Ring DID1594 Diamond Ids Ring DID1594
56,867 39,807
30% off
Diamond Ids Ring DID1600 Diamond Ids Ring DID1600
66,163 46,314
29% off
Diamond Ids Ring DID1673 Diamond Ids Ring DID1673
1,18,756 84,785
29% off
Diamond Ids Ring DID1693 Diamond Ids Ring DID1693
1,26,057 89,046
30% off
Diamond Ids Ring DID1694 Diamond Ids Ring DID1694
1,23,790 86,653
30% off
Diamond Ids Ring DID1697 Diamond Ids Ring DID1697
61,835 43,285
50% off
Diamond Ids Ring DID1699 Diamond Ids Ring DID1699
94,101 47,051
30% off
Diamond Ids Ring DID1701 Diamond Ids Ring DID1701
98,761 69,133
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Conflict-Free Diamonds - Our Guarantee
We want you to avail the best luxury products with all the necessary and proper certifications. Hence, Conflict-Free Diamonds is Our Guarantee. All Solitaires on Popley and Garner Bears are strictly sought from areas that are free of conflict, based on personal knowledge and/or written guarantees provided by the supplier of diamonds.” We will continue to support and promote any process that works to uphold legitimacy in the diamond trade. You are assured to get home the best quality products with proper certification and free* delivery.
Shop online with the best deals & offers shape of elegance
When you find that your favourite watch brand, like Rado, Calvin Klein, Tissot, Omega or Tag Heuer along with a beautiful pair of diamond earrings, pendant or a platinum ring is available online at very low prices under some great offers, nothing could stop you from owning one. Online jewellery shopping has become so much more comfortable and affordable with the plethora of deals and offers we bring forth on a daily basis. Exciting both women and men alike, offers and deals do rounds on Garner Bears not only with Diamond jewellery, gold jewellery, platinum jewellery but also top-notch brands like Tag Heuer India, Montegrappa, Vertu and lifestyle accessories and so many more. There is something for everyone and that too from the most sought-after brands. We offer you a wide range of luxury watches along with loose solitaires with over a standing collection of 45,000 diamonds in various cuts, colours and sizes.
Apart from the best deals & offers online, you also have the option to pay for your most favourite products using our EMI option. Now you need not refrain from purchasing that expensive watch or diamond rings you always wished to own. It is very easy to shop online for your favourite brands. Wedding jewellery is also assorted for you under various sections like bangles, necklaces, mangalsutras suitable for work wear and more. Engagement rings are trending and a popular choice for an additional sparkle and beautiful memories. It can be a combination of diamond and platinum, Rose-gold is also very stylish and luxurious. A wedding ceremony in one, which sparkles with love, memories and lots of jewellery.
Tune in to the latest fashion jewellery trends by shopping online. Give yourself a jewellery makeover with our collection and one-of- a-kind pieces. From, gold jewellery to bridal and antique jewellery find the latest jewellery designs for earrings, rings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets and lots more!
From precious stones that have an intriguing matrix, to unblemished pearl jewellery and conflict free diamonds, buy online and update your jewellery collection with the latest styles and best brands. Our store has a varied collection of jewellery that will suit your preferred, individual taste. Browse through traditional gold jewellery designs, gold coins for festive occasions. Find the latest jewellery designs for earrings, rings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets in various materials platinum, gold, white gold, rose gold and more to look your coolest best. So whether you are shopping for Mottomo Pearls, royal Rajasthani jewellery, kundan jewellery, Kashmiri Jhumkis or temple jewellery, Garner Bears ships anywhere in India. Indulge in our collection that is alluring and tantalizing.
While the collection of jewellery is vast, if you are a stickler for brands, then we have popular jewellery brands, which include Omega India, Rado, Calvin Klein, Tag Heuer and many more. Don’t forget to browse through the designer jewellery store, which is stocked with some absolutely compelling designer jewellery. With an array of intriguing and delightful styles, you can buy online, jewellery for every single occasion.
So, what are you waiting for? String on the pearls, add glamour with the diamonds, glitter in gold or simply add a touch of attitude with some fashion jewellery! Whether it’s a diaphanous silk saree or formal work wear check out the wide collection of jewellery, sort by price, type, colour, material, brand and customer reviews and zero in on the one of your choice!
Mission & Values
Demonstrating sensitivity to the region paralleled by an understanding of the markets, the Popley Group and Garner Bears’ mission is to build a bridge between the cultures of the East and West and promote luxury lifestyle in India & the Middle East.
Constantly aiming for market leadership in each of its sectors and each sphere of activity, the Group is guided by the philosophy of being "Committed to Excellence". With the aim of optimizing performance of brands, providing quality service and offering a stimulating work environment, the Group cultivates the core values of Excellence, Respect and Entrepreneurial Spirit.
The Garner Bears Initiative
At Garner Bears, we are doing our part to make sure that our customers receive conflict-free diamonds. Specifically, our internal guidelines exceed government requirements,an initiative that provides the following:
We understand that our customers care where their diamonds come from and we share that concern with you. By shopping, we strive to maintain the highest standards including sourcing diamonds from reputable providers. Garner Bears, along with the global diamond industry, has a zero-tolerance policy toward conflict diamonds. Through measures such as the Kimberley Process, which tracks diamonds from mine to market, the industry in partnership with the United Nations, governments, and non-governmental organizations, polices diamond exports to prevent the trade of illegal diamonds.